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Anyone can have Unified Office, no matter the size of your business. You don’t need any specialized equipment or existing phone numbers – we’ll provide it.


What is Unified Office?

Unified Office is a cloud-based system that has been designed to unify all of your communication needs into one easy-to-use system. We offer a number of services and plans – from the basic package for smaller businesses to all the features you’d ever need for a large enterprise.

You find a more comprehensive explanation here – (UnifiedRing)

Can I have Unified Office?

Anyone can have Unified Office, no matter the size of your business. You don’t need any specialised equipment or existing phone numbers – we’ll provide it.

What is a VoIP test?

A VoIP test allows you to test the speed and quality of your internet connection, which will in turn let you know what the quality of your video- and voice-calls will be like.

Can I transfer my current phone number?

Yes, it’s possible to keep your old number when you transfer to Unified Office. After you’ve purchased Unified Office and set up your account with temporary numbers, you can log in and go to ‘My Settings’. Here you can select ‘Transfer an Existing Number’. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Can I get a new number?

Yes. After you have purchased Unified Office you will be given your own number. You may keep and use this number as long as your account remains active with credit.

How do I switch to Unified Office?

Once you’ve decided on what Unified Office service and features you’d like, we’ll take you through the set-up process remotely. The only thing you need is a high-speed, stable internet service. You can test your service here

How can I check my balance?

Your balance can be checked at any time from your account. Sign in and go to ‘My Account’, where there will be a ‘Balance’ option.

How does implementation work?

Setting up Unified Office is incredibly easy – it’s all done through your online account. Once you have purchased the service and features you wish to use, we’ll guide you through the rest. Settings can be changed at any time from ‘My Account’ on this site.

What’s a feature?

Think of a feature as a service you can buy based on what your business needs. You can buy a feature for a limited period – for example; your business might benefit from being able to record calls or having the Auto Receptionist take care of customers during the busier summer period.

All features and their descriptions can be found here

How can I add or remove features?

Features can be purchased separately when you sign up. However, we also allow you to remove them if you no longer need them.

Features can be purchased and added here

You’ll find the details of the features you have purchased under ‘My Account’, where they can also be removed.

How do I receive phone calls?

Receiving calls with Unified Office is no different than with standard services. Furthermore, we allow you to ‘Flip’ your calls, meaning that if you purchase Unified Office with IP phone and SIM, you can route calls to your number through either device and switch which device you’re using in seconds.

How can I set up and access my voicemail?

The voicemail options can be found under your account. Here you can set it up and change your greeting whenever you want. Voicemail can be listened to from your online account (on the Overview page) or from your phone like traditional voice messages.

How do I configure Auto Receptionist?

If you have purchased the Auto Receptionist feature, you’ll be able to find it in your list of features on your account. Settings for configuring it can also be found here.

How can I change my password?

Your password can be changed from your account. Simply sign into your account and go to ‘Settings’, where you’ll find a ‘Change Password’ option.

What is a Hunt Group?

Hunt Group, or line hunting, allows you to make calls from a single phone line to several lines, allowing you to select which particular line will receive your call.

How do I set up a conference call?

Conference calls are set up from ‘Device Settings’ in your account.

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