Business VoIP

Auto Attendant

Online Account Management
Use a virtual receptionist to greet and direct callers automatically

Benefits overview

  • Raise your professional profile
  • Deliver great customer service
  • Answer multiple calls at once
  • Direct calls more efficiently
  • Save on hiring costs
  • Customise recordings


Auto Attendant brings a high level of professionalism to your call handling.

Providing all the benefits of a receptionist from an automated system, Auto Attendant will greet callers, filter and manage call flows, and direct calls through to the right person in a timely and professional manner.

Being a virtual receptionist, this feature is not limited to one call at a time. You can answer multiple calls at the same time, so there is no delay in the customer journey even during high call traffic.

Auto Attendant can deliver Multi-Level menus and also give callers the option to dial by extension, dial by employee name or dial from the company directory.


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