Unified Ring Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS

Targeted SMS marketing campaigns

Bulk SMS

Fast, simple and targeted communication.

We partner with forward-thinking businesses to help them make the most of advanced VoIP text message technology. Our business SMS platform offers a huge range of features designed to meet varying business needs and marketing objectives – and you’ll be surprised at how cost-effective SMS marketing can be.


  • Campaign Analytics – get detailed performance metrics for every campaign 
  • Target Groups – segment your customers for highly targeted interactions
  • Centralised Inbox – sort and manage all customer messages from one central location.
  • Sub-Accounts – create groups within your business to handle specific campaigns
  • Business ID – brand every message with your company name
  • Email to SMS – send and receive SMS communication from your inbox
  • Two-Way Messaging – allow customers to reply to your SMS for free
  • Unicode Support – send messages in any language, using any alphabet
  • Import Numbers – upload your customer lists into our system in seconds
  • Scheduling – pre-assign dates and times to deliver your campaigns automatically