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Hosted PBX

Your phone system in the Cloud

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a business phone line solution that operates through your IP connection.

By converting your phone system into an internet-based platform, you can start making business calls using VoIP, a highly cost-effective method of making phone calls. This platform is compatible with any IP handset, and with our unique SIM Only and Unified SIM & Desk Phone plans, you now have the freedom to run your enterprise from your mobile device, giving you complete control regardless of your location.

A Hosted PBX system not only improves productivity and unifies communication, it can also significantly reduce business expenses too. Being hosted in the Cloud means there is no capital expenditure on hardware or additional costs to consider such as installation, maintenance or IT resources. It also operates through your existing data network, making the internet services you already pay for do more for your business. And it can be implemented swiftly, so your business communication won’t experience any downtime.

The greatest benefit of a Hosted PBX is the state-of-the-art functionality. From any phone registered and mapped in your PBX system, you can access a powerful range of Smart Office features that improve call handling, streamline team management processes, and significantly lift your company’s professional image.

By employing Cloud-based phone services, you will unify your employees, customers and applications into one communication platform.

Discover everything you can do with a Hosted PBX through our suite of features below.

*Additional Numbers can be purchased within the my account portal