SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS

Quick and direct communication to customers

How can I market my business?


How can I reach more customers?

The more you can spread your brand message, the more chance you have of
generating additional business and setting your company up for future growth.

The difficulties you face

In today’s world, there is advertising everywhere you look; across websites, outdoor spaces, newspapers, even our inboxes are full of brand messages. Without a large marketing spend, it’s getting harder to get cut-through and reach new customers.

The features you need

You need a solution that helps get your brand messages out there to the public quickly and easily. Your communications need to be highly targeted to get the best results, and it needs to be cost-effective so you can get the most from your limited budget.

SMS Marketing Solutions

How UnifiedRing can help

Our SMS Marketing platform is built to let businesses grow their reach nationwide and even internationally. Delivering Bulk SMS campaigns is a direct and inexpensive way to communicate to your target market and build customer relationships that can pave the way for future success.

SMS messages have
a 98% open rate
- emails are only 20%


75% of consumers prefer
to receive offers via SMS
over any other channel