Voip Phone System


Communication with more mobility

How can I stay connected on the move?

How can I stay connected on-the-move?

Mobile businesses such as plumbers and electricians need to be able to run their business
on-the-go and deal with customers in a professional manner.

The difficulties you face

When you’re a small operation, it’s often impossible to drop everything to answer calls. Work hours can be unpredictable and so too can your locations. If you’re using a landline number as your business number and forwarding calls to your mobile, you’re incurring extra phone charges. Or if you use a mobile number as your business number, it can affect your professional image.

The features you need

You need to be supported by a phone system that can not only make your work easier, but can also travel with you wherever your work takes you. It’s important to keep up professionalism, so you need features that help make your business look first-class.

Cloud PBX

How UnifiedRing can help

Our Cloud-based system with our online portal lets you access and manage your phone system from anywhere in the world 24/7. It also comes with many useful features such as Landline-on-Mobile, which can redirect landline numbers to your mobile phone or allow for simultaneous ringing on your mobile and desk phone, so you can use the phone that’s most convenient. If you’ve got multiple mobile workers, you can assign each of them a simple extension number rather than a separate phone number. Also, instead of having a fixed landline, you can take up a SIM Only plan which directs calls to your mobile without any forwarding charges.

20% rise in productivity from companies
that invested in technology that allowed
employees the flexibility to work remotely

Source: rcgtelecomservices

Mobile workers save 40 minutes each day
and generate annual productivity gains
of 3.5 days per year by working remotely

Source: MegaPath