Cloud Business Phone System

Hosted PBX

Phone functionality delivered from the Cloud

How can I work more productively?

How can I benefit from a Hosted PBX?

Businesses of any size can benefit from hosting their PBX in the Cloud. It makes
communication simpler, smarter and more unified than a traditional system.

The difficulties you face

Many businesses are aware that their phone system is outdated and unable to provide modern functionality. As a result, businesses become fragmented. Internal and external communication processes can be complicated, which slows down business operations and effects productivity.

The features you need

You need a solution that brings your phone system up-to-date, opening up opportunities for your business to communicate in a more efficient and tech-savvy manner. It needs to seamlessly connect your business operations and make day-to-day communication smoother.

PBX Phone System

How UnifiedRing can help

A Hosted PBX makes the most of your existing data network and opens up a range of innovative features that you can access at any point. By hosting your phone system in the Cloud, you can connect your workforce, customer base and communication channels into one single platform, no matter where they are around the world. Take your phone system with you wherever you go. Manage all your calls and functionality, direct from your mobile device. Whatsmore, with UnifiedRing, you'll never have to pay extra for any features. 

Switching to VoIP
can save small businesses
as much as 45% on their
monthly phone bill


70% of surveyed companies
indicated they have deployed
Cloud communication
or plan to do so

Source: InformationWeek