Business VoIP

Call Management Features


  • Auto Attendant: Get all the benefits of a receptionist from an automated system. Your ‘virtual’ receptionist will greet callers and direct them through to the right person or department. This feature will help you handle call traffic in a professional manner.
  • Call Queues: Retain callers even when all your phone lines are occupied. Before Call Queues, callers would hear an engaged tone and have no choice but to hang up – potentially never calling back. This feature keeps callers on the line and helps you retain business.
  • Custom Hold Music: Choose what your customers listen to when they’re waiting on-hold. You can fill the silence with tailored marketing messages or you can simply play music that represents your business. Just upload sound files and manage your recordings online.
  • Call Park: Improve the customer experience by reducing hold-time. Call Park places a customer’s call in our Cloud system so that other staff members can answer the call quickly. A parked call has its own extension, allowing anyone in the business to pick up the call.
  • Call Flip: Switch phones anytime during phone calls. If you’re on your desk phone but need to get moving, you can transfer the call to your mobile seamlessly at the touch of a button. Call Flip means you can never have to cut a phone call short.
  • Multi-level IVR Uploads: Handle customers enquires more efficiently by giving callers options to select from. You can have multiple levels and structure the customer journey how you wish. This feature makes sure that every caller gets directed to the right person.
  • Call Transfer: Transfer calls between staff members quickly and simply. You have the option for a warm transfer where you announce the caller to the person you’re transferring to, or a cold transfer where you redirect the call straight away.
  • Call Blast:  Deliver messages and reminders to employees via phone. Call Blast lets you send scheduled, pre-recorded messages to any phone, anywhere. This feature helps with team management and keeps your business running smoothly.
  • Conference Calls:  Holding conference calls with multiple participants is simple. Our user-friendly system lets you schedule calls and invite internal and external participants in seconds. This feature saves precious time in your work day and reduces the need to travel to meetings in person.
  • Call Forward:  Have more control over call forwarding. You can create your settings based on who’s calling, when calls are received or where calls are forwarded to. Find the right options for your business and manage your setting online through the UnifiedRing portal.
  • Call Screening:  Identify every caller before you answer the phone. The Call Screening feature lets callers record their name, so when you receive the call, you can hear who it is. With this information, you can decide whether to answer, send to Voicemail or forward to another member of staff.