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1. Can I use my existing business phone number with UnifiedRing?
Yes. UnifiedRing supports number portability. If you would like to bring your existing number to UnifiedRing, simply make a port-in request following the below steps, Login to the admin’s My Account → Numbers and Devices → Numbers → Port in → Transfer number(s).
2. Can I use my existing phone system during the free trial?
Yes, you can use your existing phone system during UnifiedRing’s trial period. Provisioning steps may differ based on the device model. For more information, see Numbers and Devices under your My Account portal.
3. Can I change my plan in the middle of my trial period?
No. You cannot change plans during the free trial but you can switch to a different plan by upgrading in “My Account”. You can add more users and purchase Add-Ons as well.
4. During the free trial period do I get business communication support?
Yes, You will get support from UnifiedRing during your free trial period between 9am to 9pm, Monday till Sunday. Contact us at +442037820000.
5. Do I need to save my card details to sign up for the free trial?
No. You are not required to save your card details when you sign up for the free trial.
6. Will I be able to access all the unified communication features during my free trial?
Yes, you can access all the listed features according to your plan subscription.
7. During the free trial, can I use features that are not available in the current subscription?
Yes. You can use any additional features by purchasing an add-on. UnifiedRing provides very flexible pricing, suitable for every business. Pay for only the services you use and cancel any time.
8. Will I be charged for the Port in service?
You will be charged according to the processing fee imposed by business phone service providers for portability.
9. How many users do I get during my free trial period?
You are allowed up to 10 licensed users during your free trial.
10. What is the validity of the free trial?
You can use all the features for 14 days from the date of activation of the free trial.
11. What happens to my subscription after my free trial?
Your account will be deactivated after the free trial. However, you won’t lose the numbers that have been allocated to you. To use your account and the allocated numbers, all you need to do is activate the account by adding your card details and complete the account activation.
12. What happens after I sign up for the free trial?
You will receive an email with the activation link to complete your onboarding where you can complete the initial set up for your UnifiedRing company administrator. The administrator can then add users. The users get complete access to all features in the subscribed plan.
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