Office Phone System

Call Flip

International Phone System
Switch between desk phone and mobile anytime during phone calls.

Benefits overview

  • Work with more mobility
  • Stay involved in important calls
  • Multitask communication and travel
  • Have more phone meeting versatility


Call Flip gives you more mobility and flexibility when taking calls.

If you are having an important conversation on your desk phone but need to get moving, you can transfer the call to your mobile phone without hanging up. This feature also works when transferring from mobile to desk phone – and you can even flip to other phones that you have connected to the system such as a home phone.

Call Flip works with your pre-assigned phones. When you add a phone, such as your desk phone or mobile, it will be assigned with a quick-dial forwarding number. To flip, you press ‘*’ followed by the quick-dial number, the call will transfer instantly. Just pick up the call when it rings and hang up the phone that is transferring the call.

This feature helps you stay connected no matter where you are.


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