Multi-Level IVR Uploads

Multi-Level Caller Menus

International Phone Call Services
Provide callers with multi-level menus to sort and direct calls.

Benefits overview

  • Direct calls more efficiently
  • Improve professional image
  • Scale feature as required
  • Tailor the customer experience


Multi-Level Caller Menus lets you direct customer calls more efficiently.

By providing menu options for callers, you can ascertain the nature of every call and ensure they are directed to the right person to deal with their enquiry.

This feature allows you to have multiple levels of menus to understand specific details about every caller before you have answered the phone.

Multi-Level Caller Menus can direct calls to Hunt Groups or connect calls to the business directory, employee extensions and voicemails or external numbers.

Have complete control over the customer journey and call handling with Multi-Level Caller Menus.


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