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What is UnifiedRing?

UnifiedRing is a cloud-based unified communications solution with best-in-class calls, chat, audio and video conferencing, and team management features. It fully eliminates the infrastructure and maintenance costs that come with legacy telephone systems, and provides you an omni-channel and fully digitized multi-experience at a much lower cost.

Why UnifiedRing?

As a web-based unified communication solution, UnifiedRing can be scaled and upgraded with the latest technology innovations. Here is why we are one of the best in the industry.

  • Apart from holding a cloud solution that is highly scalable, reliable and secure, it is also easy to use and manage
  • Modern, connected interface for a high-class user experience
  • Micro services architecture for robust and failure risk-free features
  • Multi-layer security with end to end encryption and certified data centres.
  • BYOD for a smooth porting experience of your numbers to leverage existing infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with third party apps for better interoperability and accessibility
  • Best-fit and affordable UCaaS for SMBs, built with long-standing telecom expertise and home-strengths in IT.

What is BYOD provisioning?

BYOD refers to Bring Your Own Device. Setting up or connecting an IP phone or other suitable devices to the UnifiedRing cloud platform for secure VoIP communication, collaboration, and online meetings is referred to as provisioning a system.

Customers' phones can still be provisioned and accessible with UnifiedRing, even if they are brought in by the customer (Bring Your Own Device).

How to onboard?

Your quick start guide

Welcome to UnifiedRing! To help you get started, read on for more details.

1. Choose plan → Buy now

2. Choose Local phone number or Free phone number

3. Local phone number → Select your city → Choose the number → Add number of users

4. If you require phone devices - Check “My team members will require phones” → choose your phones → “Next”

5. If you do not require phone devices - Uncheck the box “My team members will require phones” → “Next”

6. Fill ADMIN details → Validate phone number → “Next”

7. Payment details → On boarding email to the registered ADMIN’s email id

8. Setup password → Setup PIN → Company greetings → Assign users

9. Get access to your “My Account”

All in one Cloud communication Solution

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