How do I access one-on-one chat?

UnifiedRing offers messaging features that let, you communicate one-on-one with the person you want to chat. UnifiedRing one-on-one chat feature allows you to share images, multimedia files, discuss & work together, from any place and from any device. Read on for the steps to follow,

1. Login to your Web/Mobile app

2. Choose Contacts → Select → Start a chat

3. Click the message icon near the participant name

4. Type your Message → Start chatting

How do I create a team chat?

UnifiedRing’s team chat feature helps you create group chats, invite team meetings and connect with your teams, letting you easily access your conversations with your contacts. Read on for the steps to follow,

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • In recent chat column click add icon
  • Create team
  • Enter team name
  • Add team members
  • Choose team type → Create team
  • Add icon → New message → Type group name → Start chatting
What are private and public teams?

Private teams:

Helps you collaborate on tasks specific to a particular team or project within your team. Only the members added in that particular team can access chat conversation, files, notes & task.

Public teams:

Public Team is open to all members of an organization to join a public conversation, receive announcements, chat, assign tasks and share documents without any invitation in a workspace.

You can choose the team type while creating the team.

What is @Users?

@users is referring to the team member within chats. The mentioned users will get their chat saved @ <user name> for any future reference.

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • Click chat
  • Click filter icon → choose @ <user name>
  • You can view all mentioned conversations
How do I assign tasks?

Assign Task - Create a task to any team member at ease. When you assign a task to a user, they'll be notified about the task and the due date. The task will show up on that user’s task list with date and time. The team member can mark the task complete and the assignee can view the task status.

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • Choose Contacts or Chat → Select contact
  • Click Assign task
  • Fill the task details & save
How do I manage my events?

UnifiedRing lets you manage all your events to keep you organized and on top of your scheduled activities. You can post, include direct messages, team conversation and can be added to your Google, Outlook, Yahoo and iCalender.

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • Select Contact or Group → Add event
  • Fill the event details & save

You will be notified on all the event updates including reminders.

How can I do file sharing?

You can share any file like documents, videos & images to any team member at any time. Easily upload files from google drive, dropbox, onedrive or computer and share them to the user in the chat conversation where they can download a copy of the same.

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • Select new contact or existing conversation
  • Click Attach icon → Add & share the file
How do I add notes?

Organize your thoughts, discoveries, ideas and your work progress with UnifiedRing note feature. UnifiedRing Notes lets you create, edit, delete and add notes to individual and group conversation which can be synced with Google and Outlook.

  • Login to your Web/Mobile app
  • Select new contact or existing conversation
  • Click Add notes → Create your notes & save
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