Cloud and Local Recording

The Cloud Recording feature allows users to save their meeting recordings to the Cloud. Their recordings will be accessible through their online accounts. In addition, video, audio, and chat text will be captured and stored in the cloud.

You can Save Meeting recordings and other files directly not just to the Cloud but also locally to your device.

Schedule Meeting

Schedule events, add meeting that is synced from our UnifiedRing Cloud Communication Platform.

Scheduling or updating a UnifiedRing Meeting can be done by either the host or the user. An invitation URL is generated once you have scheduled a meeting and invites are sent to participants by email, or as a text message. Every host and participant gets a unique code. When you invite via default calendar, the invitation instructions are automatically pasted to the invite. You can also choose to copy the invitation URL.

International Dial in Numbers

You can a join meeting or a conference call from any part of the world on desk phone, iOS & Android app with the available number.

This feature helps you to connect with your team from anywhere across the globe.

Virtual background

Turn any space into a formal and appealing backdrop for video conferences. Choose from our multitude of attractive backgrounds and attend meetings with confidence.

Screen Share

Screen sharing is when you share the contents of your screen with people on other devices. You have the option of displaying the entire screen or only a single application window.

UnifiedRing’s screen sharing technology allows you to share all kinds of media from your device without having to transfer the files to others. It's ideal for team collaboration, particularly because the user can make changes in real time while other team members watch from a connected system.

Virtual whiteboard

You may be working alone or in a group; a virtual whiteboard allows you to jot down the content and organise your thoughts more quickly. You can easily engage in a number of innovative brainstorming sessions using templates, freehand drawing, laser pointers, texts, shapes, and other intuitive features.

You and your team will feel like you're sharing in the same space with UnifiedRing’ Virtual whiteboard, even though you're working through different time zones. Use chat to connect directly with the team, and @mention stakeholders to get their attention quickly for input and approval.

Meeting chat

Participants may use the chat function to interact with the host or other participants. You have the option of sending a public chat to everyone in the meeting or a private chat to specific participant.

During meeting you can @mention the participant and chat with them.


The audio of a meeting or webinar that you record to the cloud is automatically transcribed through our speech to text technology. This transcript appears as a separate Video Text Track (VTT) file in the list of registered meetings after it has been processed. You may also show the transcript text inside the video itself, similar to how closed captions are shown when the user enables the option.

The transcript is divided into parts, each with a timestamp that indicates when that section of the text was written. Users can download the transcriptions of the recorded file Form My Account.

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