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What is Auto-Provisioning?

What is Auto-Provisioning?

Provisioning specifically refers to the activity of setting up or configuring a software and hardware to activate customers purchased service. Provisioning is making service available for customers. Precisely, auto provisioning is a single and connected platform that handles everything smoothly by activating the process. Automated provisioning significantly makes the process quicker and easier by reducing complications that is occurs during manual provisioning.  

The need for Auto-Provisioning 

The need for putting “auto” in provisioning process 

Gone are the days, when people used to sit longer for provision each of the devices. With UnifiedRing experience the best automation within no time! Your device provisioning is just a click away. Auto-provisioning has changed the way activation of a service carried out. The process is as simple as that.

A UnifiedRing phone system always tends offering their support of a broad range of VoIP Phone manufacturers. Our service fosters encourages a fine and quick process ensuring a smooth, and simple deployment for phone system for the installers and their customers.

Supported Devices

Devices Supported by UnifiedRing 

UnifiedRing provisions various phone of different models. Below given is some of the list of devices that UnifiedRing support:


  • Yealink T21PN (T21PN)
  • Yealink T41S (T41S)
  • Yealink T42S (T42S)
  • Yealink T46S (T46S)
  • Yealink T23GN (T23GN)
  • Yealink T19PN (T19PN)
  • Yealink W52P (W52P)
  • Yealink T27G (T27GN)
  • Yealink T40G (T40G)
  • Yealink W60P (W60P)
  • Yealink T48S (T48S)

CISCO IP phones

  • Cisco SPA112 (ATA) (SPA112)
  • Cisco CP-7821 (CP-7821)
  • Cisco CP-8841 (CP-8841)


  • Polycom VVX150 (VVX150)
  • Polycom VVX250 (VVX250)
  • Polycom VVX301 (VVX301)
  • Polycom VVX411 (VVX411)


  • Gigaset N300IP (N300IP)
  • Gigaset N501IP (N510IP)

SNOM IP phones

  • Snom D712 (snomD712) 
  • Snom D715 (snomD715)
  • Snom D305 (snomD305) 


  • Panasonic TGP600 (KX-TGP600)
  • Panasonic HDV130B (KX-HDV130B)

Other than the above, UnifiedRing also supports ASTRA, GRANDSTREAM, and VTECH IP Phones respectively.

The working of Auto-Provisioning

The working of Auto-Provisioning 

Auto-Provisioning enables users to neglect mistakes and reduce the time of configuring supported endpoints. It automatically lists phones to the PBX that allows customers to configure them within the web interface of supported devices. It also allows Cloud PBX to change certain aspects like passwords and extensions, and other associated user or a group setting.

If a customer has the phone’s MAC address, auto-provisioning can be easily done from within the web interface. There is no need of manual interference to make all these changes, as you can access the phone system using administrator credentials from any secured internet connection.

Successful Provisioning

Successful Provisioning of Your Device

When a customer is on call, user cannot probably proceed with provisioning as there are chances of getting technical errors. So, when the phone is not on call provisioning can be done at any time. UnifiedRing user can fetch for particular model and provision the device or can also provision the entire model together by choosing “provision all” option. Ones the provisioning is successfully done, it will automatically restart the IP address. Hence users device get updated automatically within no time.

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