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How can I make my start-up more efficient?

How can I make my start-up more efficient?

It’s important for any business to be as efficient as possible if it wants to grow – but with a start-up,
efficiency can make the difference in getting the business off the ground at all.

The difficulties you face

A business often starts with just one person and a phone line. But as the business grows, it can be difficult to scale your communication system to match. Traditional phone lines do not allow for call queuing, which means when call lines are busy, potential customers can’t get through. Also, traditional systems offer limited functionality, so your business’ professionalism suffers.

The features you need

You need the flexibility to expand your phone lines on demand quickly and efficiently – without it costing a fortune. Because office space is typically limited, you need a system that’s economical on space. And it has to be advanced enough to support your business long term.

Small Business Phone System

How UnifiedRing can help

Our Hosted PBX service will give you the freedom to grow. Hosting your phone system in the Cloud means hardware is no longer necessary, saving money and space. You’ll get instant access to a range of innovative features, and be able to add and remove phone lines in seconds. Smart office features allow you to place callers on hold and even tailor what they’re listening to. Being a hosted service means no equipment or service costs. Instead of traditional landline numbers, you can assign an 0800 number to add professionalism to your business. Also, if you’re looking to expand and have a more mobile workforce, you can get a SIM plan or Unified Desk phone and SIM plan and utilise on-the-go features such as Landline-on-Mobile and Call Flip.

VoIP can reduce start-up costs
for new businesses by 90%


30% reduction in conferencing expenses
using integrated voice and web conferencing

Source: MegaPath